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CALWF3 v1.4.1

CALWF3 v1.4.1 Release Notes

CALWF3 v1.4.1 was installed in the STScI OPUS pipeline on April 28, 2009, as part of OPUS release 2009.2a. It was released publically in May 2009 as part of the STSDAS v3.10 wfc3 package. There was one update to CALWF3.

Relevant PRs and Trac tickets for v1.4.1:

Ticket 405 Certain UVIS subarray images crash in BLEVCORR

A bug was fixed in the UVIS BLEVCORR routine that was causing crashes on some platforms due to loop limits overrunning the array bounds by 1 image column. This only affected subarrays in the B and D amp quadrants that overlapped the serial overscan region.