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CALWF3 v1.6

CALWF3 v1.6 Release Notes

CALWF3 v1.6 was installed in the STScI OPUS pipeline on August 25, 2009, as part of OPUS release 2009.2k. There were two updates to CALWF3 itself, and one update to the WFC3 portion of generic conversion in OPUS.

Relevant PRs for v1.6:

PR 63327 TIME-OBS keyword in IR image headers should be equal to EXPSTART

The value of the TIME-OBS keyword in IR image headers was being set from the last readout in the exposure instead of the first. It is now set from the first readout and corresponds exactly to EXPSTART.

PR 63063 IR FLATCORR needs to update BUNIT keyword

The IR FLATCORR routine in CALWF3 has been upgraded to change the value of the BUNIT keyword in the output calibrated image headers from "counts" to "electrons" (or "electrons/s") after applying the gain calibration.

PR 63286 NEXTEND keyword is incorrect in IR association products

The value of the NEXTEND keyword in the headers of IR association products, including drz, crj, and spt files, is now set to the actual number of extensions in the files.

created 9/17/09...modified 11/05/09