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CALWF3 v1.7

CALWF3 v1.7 Release Notes

CALWF3 v1.7 was released for internal use at STScI on October 14, 2009, but was never installed in OPUS or released to the public because it has already been superseded by v1.8.1. There was one update to calwf3 in this version.

Relevant PRs for v1.7:

PR 63556 IR CRCORR updates and enhancements

The IR CRCORR calibration step, which performs up-the-ramp fitting and CR rejection for MultiAccum exposures, was upgraded with two important changes. First, the previous version was computing a ramp fit for pixels that had all samples flagged and recording the computed slope in output FLT file SCI array, along with flag values populated in the FLT DQ array. If users paid attention to the flag values in the DQ array they would reject those SCI values, but if not, then they could've been using bad SCI values in their analysis. The new version sets a value of zero in the FLT file SCI array for pixels that have all samples flagged in some way, so that they are not used in subsequent analysis. Second, the method by which samples are rejected was upgraded to allow users to set the bad DQ mask value in the "badinpdq" column of the IR Cosmic-Ray Rejection parameters table (CRREJTAB), rather than having the DQ mask hardcoded in the software. This requires the use of an updated IR CRREJTAB that has mask values entered in the "badinpdq" column, otherwise no samples will be rejected. The recently delivered table "tag1826ki_crr.fits" is suitable for this.

Created 11/05/09