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CALWF3 v1.8.1

CALWF3 v1.8.1 Release Notes

CALWF3 v1.8.1 was released for internal use at STScI on October 27, 2009, and was publically released in STSDAS v3.11 in mid-November 2009. It was installed in the OPUS pipeline on February 4, 2010. There was one bugfix to calwf3 in this version.

Relevant PRs for v1.8.1:

PR 63806 IR CRCORR not setting correct DQ flags in output FLT images

The IR CRCORR calibration step, which performs up-the-ramp fitting and CR rejection on IR MultiAccum exposures, was not always setting the proper flag values for pixels in the output FLT file DQ array. Pixels that had all samples rejected, for whatever reason, were always being assigned an output DQ flag value of 256, which indicates saturation. The CRCORR routine has been fixed to correctly assign the combination (logical OR) of all input DQ values for a given pixel to its output DQ value in the FLT image.

Created 11/05/09; Modified 02/09/10 MJD