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CALWF3 v2.2

CALWF3 v2.2 Release Notes

CALWF3 v2.2 was released for internal use at STScI on Nov. 23, 2010, was released to the public in STSDAS v3.13 on Jan 14, 2011, and was installed in OPUS operations on Feb. 15, 2011 as part of OPUS build 2010.4a.

Relevant PRs for CALWF3 v2.2

PR 65410 No error message for some missing reference tables

When CALWF3 can't access some of the reference tables listed in the input raw image header, specifically the crrejtab, graphtab, or comptab files, it shuts down without explicitly indicating what the problem was. The reference table checking routines for these tables have now been upgraded to issue an informative error message.

PR 66080 The IR ZSIGCORR routine should not skip flagged pixels

The IR ZSIGCORR routine, which estimates the amount of signal contained in the zeroth read for each pixel, had been skipping the calculation for pixels having any non-zero data quality (DQ) flag value. This in turn led to slightly incorrect linearity corrections for those pixels, due to the lack of compensation for the zero read signal. The routine has now been modified to perform a best effort calculation for all pixels, regardless of any DQ settings.

PR 66081 Enable re-entrant processing for IR images

Some of the logic used in processing IR images did not work correctly if a user attempted to perform re-entrant processing (multiple calwf3 runs on the same image using different calibration steps in each run). All the necessary routines have now been upgraded to allow this to work properly.

PR 66366 Skip WF3REJ processing for sub-products with only 1 member

In the event that a CR-SPLIT or REPEAT-OBS association has missing members due to failures of some type, WF3REJ processing to produce a combined image is no longer performed if there are fewer than 2 members present for any given sub-product in the association.

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