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CALWF3 v2.3

CALWF3 v2.3 Release Notes

CALWF3 v2.3 was released for internal use at STScI on March 15, 2011, was installed in the OPUS/OTFR pipeline on April 6, 2011, and is available in STSDAS v3.13 patch release 1.

Relevant PRs for CALWF3 v2.3

PR 67225 FILENAME keyword not always up to date

There were some processing scenarios in which the output files produced by calwf3 did not have the FILENAME keyword updated to reflect the new output filename. The CopyFFile routine has been updated to always set the FILENAME keyword when creating a new output file.

PR 67728 IR ZSIGCORR gives incorrect results for subarray images

The algorithm used by the IR ZSIGCORR routine to estimate the amount of signal in each pixel in the zeroth-read of an IR exposure relied on the effective exposure time of the zeroth-read (the time elapsed between the detector reset and the zero-read). In subarray mode, the effective exposure time of the zero-read varies across the image, so the ZSIGCORR results were incorrect - underestimating the true zero-read signal by factors of 2-4. This in turn lead to inaccurate non-linearity correction and saturation flagging in the NLINCORR step. The ZSIGCORR method has been modified to no longer rely on the zero-read exposure time, resulting in accurate estimates of the zero-read signal for all readout modes.

Updated 04/08/2011 HAB