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CALWF3 v2.4

CALWF3 v2.4 Release Notes

CALWF3 v2.4 was released for internal use at STScI on June 17, 2011. It was superseded by v2.4.1 before being released to the public or in the OPUS pipeline.

Relevant PRs for CALWF3 v2.4

PR 68593 Calwf3 needs to complete processing when wf3rej is skipped

Due to issues related to the handling of file pointers the wf3rej task currently has a maximum limit of 120 images that can be combined. Wf3rej gets skipped if this limit is exceeded. The logic in calwf3 flow control did not handle this situation correctly, such that all processing stopped at that point. This has been fixed so that when wf3rej is skipped, the remaining calwf3 processing of the individual images will proceed as usual.

Updated 23/08/2011 HAB