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CALWF3 v2.5

CALWF3 v2.5 Release Notes

CALWF3 v2.5 was released for internal use at STScI on October 1, 2011. It will be installed in the OPUS operational environment in the near future.

Relevant PRs for CALWF3 v2.5

PR 63555 CALWF3 wf3rej won't combine more than 120 images

The maximum number of images that could be combined by wf3rej had been set to 120, for historical reasons associated with limitations on file pointers for older operating systems. The limit has been increased to 250. Larger numbers of images still seem to cause problems on some computer platforms.

PR 69230 CALWF3 IR ramp fitting doesn't always give correct total integration time

The total integration time of unrejected samples that gets stored in the TIME extension of calibrated _flt.fits files is in error for some specific situations, in the sense that the total time is larger than that of the unrejected samples that were used in the ramp fitting. This happended whenever the first sample was rejected as being bad or the second sample was flagged as a CR. This has been fixed so that the value in the TIME extension of the _flt.fits files gives the correct total sample time of all unrejected samples. This bug did not affect the values in any of the other (SCI, ERR, DQ, or SAMP) extensions.

Updated 30/09/2011 HAB