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WFC3 Team Members

Team members' usernames are given in the list below. To send a particular person an email message, append '' to their username.

Past members of the WFC3 team.

Email Distribution Lists

Use the Email List Server to manage your membership on mailing lists. Below is a list of the active WFC3-related mailing lists. Use the names on the left to send email to the distribution lists. (Append [at] at the end.)

ins_wfc3 All WFC3 team members
wfc3_helpdesk RIAs who monitor the helpdesk
wfc3_news mailing list for WFC3 STANs
wfc3_pipeline for pipeline related info
wfc3_reffiles_upd mailing list cdbs uses to advertise reference file updates
wfc3_delivery wfc3 team members responsible for testing reference files before cdbs delivery

Team Meetings

Information about WFC3 meetings is posted on the staff meeting page.

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