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Hubble Space Telescope
WF/PC-1 Documents

Instrument Handbook The WF/PC-1 Instrument Handbook is the primary guide to the characteristics and use of the instrument. (PDF only)
Data Handbook The WF/PC-1 Data Handbook (HTML or pdf) provides an overview of the instrument and its capabilities.
Instrument Science Reports The WF/PC-1 ISRs (Instrument Science Reports) may be accessed either via Keywords or via a complete list of all WF/PC-1 ISR titles.
Calibration Memos The Calibration Memos include documents detailing the available reference files for recalibrating WF/PC-1 data, results of the photometric monitoring performed during the instrument's lifetime, and information on the WF/PC-1 PSF Library.
Other Reports Calibrating Hubble Space Telescope: Proceedings of the Calibration Workshop held at STScI Nov 1993.