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WF/PC-1 Memos

Reference Files for WF/PC-1 Data:

WF/PC-1 Flat Field Closure Calibration [Jan. 1995], New flatfields and deltaflats available as of Jan. 03, 1995.

WF/PC-1 Reference Files [Jan. 1995], Files (mask, bias, dark, preflash, and older flatfields) available from STScI archives for recalibration of WF/PC-1 images (includes names of most recent WF/PC-1 Closure Calibrations, see preceding memo for details on these files).

Super-Sky Flatfields [Mar. 1994], Flatfields and other calibration files for WF/PC-1, generated by the Medium Deep Survey Key Project Team at JHU and available through the STScI archives.

WF/PC-1 Flatfield Correction Frames [Feb. 1994], Calibration files generated by the Medium Deep Survey group at Lick, and available through STScI archives.

WF/PC Deltaflat Corrections [Nov. 1993], Necessary corrections which must be made to flatfielded WF/PC-1 data, including list of deltaflats available to users.

Measles Contamination and Compensation with Delta Flatfields [June 1992], Description of the problem and lists of available internal flatfields for generation of deltaflats.

Hot Pixels:

Hot Pixel List memo describes the evolution of hot pixels, including a detailed list of all hot pixels' count rates over time.


WF/PC Photometric Monitoring Results [Apr. 1994], Throughput monitoring of standard star BD+75D3255, from May 1991 through November 1993.


WF/PC-1 Observed PSF Library [July 1993], Announcement of WF/PC-1 PSF Library available through STScI's archives; includes list of PSFs updated through December 1993.

Field Distortion:

The Geometric Distortion of the WFPC2 Cameras (Abstract), details the geometric distortions inherant in the WF/PC-1 and WFPC2 designs. (PostScript version, 3.5 MBytes).

WF/PC-1 Early Acquisitions [June 1992], Announcement of distortion solution and availability of WF/PC-1 mosaicing task.

Geometry of the Hubble Space Telescope Wide Field/Planetary Camera field (from ADS Abstract Service), Gould and Yanni, PASP Article, 1994.