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WFPC2 Photometry & SYNPHOT Resources

Photometric monitoring of a standard star in frequently used wide-band filters, for all four chips, is discussed in this memorandum. (With figure.) [Older versions of this memo using a larger aperture, one for F170W data (with figure), and another covering other filters (with figure), are also available.]

The Photometry with the WFPC2 paper details the various methods for performing photometric measurements with the WFPC2. (PDF, 0.3 MB.)

The WFPC2 Photometry Cookbook provides examples of performing various types of photometry on WFPC2 data.

The Photometric Performance and Calibration of WFPC2, by Holtzman, et al., 1995. Note: This version has an error in Table 11, where the effective wavelengths are incorrect even though the fluxes are correct. The correct Table 11 is included in this PDF file (15 KBytes).

A Demonstration Analysis Script for Performing Aperture Photometry, by Whitmore and Heyer. (Abstract), (PostScript, 1.4 Mbytes), (PDF 90 KB).

A note on performing WFPC2 Photometry on Solar System targets.

The WFPC2 Photometry directory contains an STSDAS demo for performing aperture photometry with the WFPC2.

Correction for the 34th Row Effect paper by Anderson and King, (PASP), presents practical corrections for the effect of the 34th row anomaly on astrometry and photometry with WFPC2. (PDF 0.2 MB)

Bright Star Avoidance Regions in the WFPC2 Field of View.

SYNPHOT Resources:

The Guide to WFPC2 SYNPHOT Tables describes the use of the STSDAS task SYNPHOT for WFPC2 photometry.

The STSDAS SYNPHOT User's Guide (PDF).

The SYNPHOT Data User's Guide.

The CDBS Filter Throughput directory contains throughput tables for all WFPC2 filters, as well as for all other instruments, both past and present.)

Table of new SYNPHOT photflams and Zeropoints.

CDBS FTP site for SYNPHOT tables.

Atlases of Model and Observed Spectra for use in SYNPHOT are available at the CDBS Website.

WFPC2 ISR 97-10: WFPC2 SYNPHOT Update.