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Creating WFPC2 Dark Reference Files

This page provides a link to STSDAS/IRAF software to be used for generating WFPC2 Dark Frames. Please see the

WFPC2 ISR 2001-01:
Creating WFPC2 Dark Reference Files

for complete details on WFPC2 Darks generated at STScI, and how to use the software for user generated Darks.

The ISR:

WFPC2 ISR 2001-08:
Creating WFPC2 Dark Reference Files: Addendum

describes recent updates to the procedures already in place for making WFPC2 dark reference files.

To download this file, it is best to move the cursor over the file name, right mouse-click, and select the "Save Link As..." option, then save as "Source".

dark_ftp_tar.gz (25.2 MB)

After the above file has been downloaded to local disk, place it in the appropriate directory, and it can then be uncompressed with the following unix command.

tar -xvf dark_ftp_tar

Further updates to methods used for making dark reference files can be found in the following TIR.

A complete listing of all WFPC2 Dark Frames generated at STScI is also available.