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WFPC2 ISR Abstract

Instrument Science Report 00-02:

Results of the WFPC2 Observatory Verification after Servicing Mission 3a

Stefano Casertano, Shireen Gonzaga, Sylvia Baggett, Jesus Balleza, John Biretta, Inge Heyer, Anton M. Koekemoer, Chris O'Dea, Adam Riess, Al B. Schultz, and Michael S. Wiggs

July 17, 2000


After six weeks of inactivity, the Servicing Mission 3a, and the tests and observations carried out as part of the ensuing Observatory Verification phase, WFPC2 restarted science operations on January 12, 2000. Our calibrations show that the camera remains essentially unchanged with respect to pre-SM3a operations. Other than minor changes due to normal aging of the camera, the only discernible effect of the Servicing Mission was the expected increase, significant but temporary, in the rate at which UV-opaque contaminants collect onto the CCD windows.

The Complete Paper is available, (PostScript 4.3 MB) and, PDF (1.1 MB).