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WFPC2 ISR Abstract

Instrument Science Report 2001-08:

Creating WFPC2 Dark Reference Files: Addendum

J. Mack, S. Baggett, and J. Biretta.

September 05, 2001


In this report, we describe recent updates to the procedures already in place for making WFPC2 dark reference files. These updates include the ability to create dark reference files by using either weekly or daily dark images as input. They also allow the user to specify the year of the WFPC2 superdark image which is compared to the output dark file during processing. The new scripts are currently available for FTP from the WFPC2 website to users who wish to create dark reference files which are tailored to closely match the date of their HST observations. This ISR is written as a supplement to Instrument Science Report 2001-01, and is not intended to serve as a stand alone document.

The Complete Paper is available PDF (0.03 MB) and PostScript (0.33 MB).