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WFPC2 ISR Abstract

Instrument Science Report 2008-03:

Correcting Background Streaks in WFPC2 Data

A. Maybhate, D. Grumm, M. McMaster, M. Sirianni

September 17, 2008


We present an algorithm designed to eliminate the horizontal streaks seen in WF4 images with low bias values. This is a stand-alone task and should be used after all other corrections for bias, dark, flat fi eld, and gain have been performed. The algorithm uses data from the entire image to compute the correction to be applied to the streaks. While the input parameters are adjustable, their default values provide satisfactory results for most streaked images. This routine can also be used to correct the streaks/bias jumps that are occasionally seen in the other WFPC2 chips. This algorithm has been converted to a task called "wdestreak" in the forthcoming version of STSDAS for Pyraf.

The Complete Paper (PDF 1.2 MB) is also available.