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WFPC2 ISR Abstract

WFPC2 Instrument Science Report 92-02:

System Level Contamination Issues for WFPC2 and COSTAR

by M. Clampin

September, 1992

Abstract excerpted from report:

COSTAR and WFPC2, the two science instruments to be installed on the 1993 refurbishment mission, will restore the imaging quality of HST in the optical and UV (110-300 nm). For the UV imaging capability of FOC and WFPC2 to be realized, careful management of molecular contamination budgets for COSTAR and WFPC2 is essential. In this report, I review the contamination control programs of both instruments and also discuss related issues such as contamination levels in the HST hub environment and possible instrument crosscontamination issues. For each instrument I have attempted to highlight possible areas of concern which may need further investigation.

The Complete Paper is now available, (Post Script, 43.5 Mbytes).