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WFPC2 ISR Abstract

WFPC2 Instrument Science Report 94-03:

WFPC2 Pipeline Calibration

by Chris Burrows

Abstract excerpted from the report:

This document contains a listing of all WFPC2 reference files, grouped by type, that are presently available in the Calibration Data Base (CDB) System, and a summary of how they are used in the calibration of WFPC2 data. A summary memo is kept on STEIS and kept up to date as the reference files change. That memo is intended to inform observers as to the quality of the calibration applied to their data by the PODPS pipeline processing and to provide an aid in selecting appropriate reference files for the re-calibration of WFPC2 observations. The datafiles may be requested by name from the STScI in the same fashion as any other nonproprietary data products.

The Complete Paper is now available, (Post Script, 21.3 Mbytes).