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WFPC2 ISR Abstract

Instrument Science Report WFPC2 96-07:

WFPC2 Throughput Stability in the Extreme Ultraviolet

J. MacKenty, S. Baggett

May 29, 1996


We present a measurement of the stability of the WFPC2 throughput in the Ly-a passband during its first year in orbit. We find that the throughput has remained unchanged with an uncertainty of 10 to 20%. In light of the near total loss of Ly-a reflectivity of the WF/PC-1's pickoff mirror during its stay in orbit, this suggests that WFPC2 POM is not likely to develop the same problem unless a new source of contamination is introduced during future servicing missions.

The complete paper is available, PDF (0.05 MB) and Post Script 0.61 MB).