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WFPC2 ISR Abstract

Instrument Science Report WFPC2 97-10:

WFPC2 Synphot Update

S. Baggett, S. Casertano, S. Gonzaga, C. Ritchie

October 13, 1997


The STSDAS tables used by synphot to provide the photometric calibration information in the image headers have been updated on the basis of new calibration data. All UV filters shortward of F439W were updated, as well as some of the more frequently-used broadband filters redward of F439W (F450W, F555W, F606W, F675W, F702W, F785LP, F791W, F814W, F850LP, and F1042M). Changes were installed in the OPUS pipeline on May 16, 1997. With a few exceptions, changes to non-UV filter modes were relatively minor: generally ~1-2% or less (changes in F785LP, F850LP, and F1042M were higher: ~1-4%, ~1-6%, and ~2-15% respectively, depending on the chip.). The UV filters required somewhat larger changes to bring synphot into agreement with the observations, ranging from ~2% (e.g., F255W and F300W) to ~5% (F170W, F218W) to 10% or more (F160BW, F375N). Any filters not updated at this time will be checked with observations recently executed and updated later in 1997 if necessary.

The complete paper is available, PDF (0.11 MB) and Post Script (0.34 MB).