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Instrument Science Report 98-04:

The Drizzling Cookbook

S. Gonzaga, J. Biretta, M. S. Wiggs, J. C. Hsu, T. E. Smith, L. Bergeron, and the WFPC2 Group.

December 15, 1998


The drizzle software combines dithered images while preserving photometric accuracy, enhancing resolution, and removing geometric distortion. A recent upgrade also allows removal of cosmic rays from single images at each dither pointing. This document gives detailed examples illustrating drizzling procedures for six cases: WFPC2 observations of a deep field, a crowded field, a large galaxy, a planetary nebula, STIS/CCD observations of a HDF-North field, and NICMOS/NIC2 observations of the Egg Nebula. Command scripts and input images for each example are available on the WFPC2 WWW website. Users are encouraged to retrieve the data for the case that most closely resembles their own data and then practice and experiment drizzling the example.

The complete paper is available, PDF (0.17 MB) and Post Script (0.6 MB).