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Calibrating HST - Post Servicing Mission

Presented below are some of the articles pertaining to WFPC2, presented at the "Calibrating Hubble Space Telescope: Post Servicing Mission" Workshop, May 15 - 17, 1995.

WFPC2 Ghosts, Scatter, and PSF Field Dependence , describes the effects of scattering and ghosts, with emphasis on imaging faint sources near bright ones. (Post Script, 5.5 Mbytes.)

WFPC2 Flat Field Calibration , briefly reviews important features in the flats, and the pipeline flat field calibration. (Post Script, 6.8 Mbytes.)

Photometry with the WFPC2 details the various methods for performing photometric measurements with the WFPC2. (Post Script, 500 Kbytes.)

A Demonstration Analysis Script for Performing Aperture Photometry (Astract), by Whitmore and Heyer. HTML, and (Post Script, 1.4 Mbytes).