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S T A N / W F P C 2 - Number 47, June 2001


Cycle 11 Call for Proposals / WFPC2 Outsourcing Candidates:

Hubble Space Telescope Cycle 11 Call for Proposals

NASA and The Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) are pleased to announce the Cycle 11 Call for Proposals for Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Observations, Archival Research and Theoretical Research. Participation in this program is open to all categories of organizations, both domestic and foreign, including educational institutions, profit and nonprofit organizations, NASA Centers, and other Government agencies. This solicitation will be open from June 11, 2001 through September 7, 2001, 8:00pm EDT, and proposals may be submitted throughout this period. Results of the selection will be announced in December 2001.

All programmatic and technical information, as well as specific guidelines for proposal preparation, are available electronically from the STScI World-Wide Website.

Questions can be addressed to the STScI Help Desk (email:

WFPC2 Outsourcing Candidates:

We also remind our readers of the outsourcing possibilities for calibration projects. Outsourcing is an STScI initiative to fund external groups to perform and document some aspects of HST calibration. These funded groups would be contracted to analyze the calibration data and document the results, which would then be made available to the GO community by STScI. The projects to be outsourced could rely on archival data or could require obtaining new calibration data; the aim is not to replace the current calibrations but to complement and extend the current programs. Outsourcing proposals for Cycle 11 will follow the normal GO proposal process, requiring evaluation and approval by the TAC.

New Version of the WFPC2 Instrument Handbook:

Edited by J. Biretta and I. Heyer

Version 6.0 of the Instrument Handbook is now available online.

The major revisions since Version 5.0 may be summarized as follows:

  * Anomalies: Added information on the shutter anomaly,
    the ORIENT bug, and the FR533N anomaly.
  * Dark Current Evolution: New information on the latest
    results throughout this section.
  * Dithering: Updated information on dithering from the
    new Dithering Handbook throughout this section. 
  * CTE: Updated CTE monitor figure to reflect the latest
    results. Added section on mitigating CTE effects.
  * Photometry: Updated photometry monitor figure to
    reflect the latest results.
  * Calibration: Added sections on the "On The Fly
    Reprocessing System" and the "Cycle 10 Calibration Plan." 
  * Updated references and index.

June 2001 AAS Poster Abstracts are now available Online:

HST Wide Field and Planetary Camera II Status Update, I. Heyer et al.

Charge Transfer Efficiency in the WFPC2 CCD Arrays, J. Biretta et al.

WFPC2 Cycle 8 Closure Report (ISR 01-06):

-S. Baggett, S. Gonzaga, J. Biretta, S. Casertano, I. Heyer, A. M. Koekemoer, J. Mack, M. McMaster, A. Riess, A. Schultz, and M. S. Wiggs

This report describes in detail the WFPC2 observations used to maintain and improve the quality of WFPC2 calibrations during Cycle 8 and their status as of May 2001. The results from Servicing Mission 3a (December 1999) have been reported separately.


We draw your attention to these papers, based on WF/PC and WFPC2 data, that will appear in the next few months. This list includes all preprints received by the STScI Library not yet published in the journals. Please remember to include our Library in your preprint distribution list.

BARTH, A.J.; SARZI, M.; RIX, H.-W.; HO, L.C.;
FILIPPENKO, A.V.; SARGENT, W.L.W. "Evidence for a
Supermassive Black Hole in the S0 Galaxy NGC 3245"
ApJ accepted

HUNTER, D.A. "The Stellar Population and Star
Clusters in the Unusual Local Group Galaxy IC 10"
ApJ 9-20-01


Any questions about the scheduling of your observations should be addressed to your Program Coordinator. Post-Observation questions can be addressed to your Contact Scientist. If you do not know who these persons are, you can find the information on the WWW at

Analysis, STSDAS or any other questions can also be addressed to

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