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WFPC2 TIR Abstract

WFPC2 Technical Instrument Report 01-02:

Testing the On-The-Fly-Reprocessing System with WFPC2 Data

-S. Gonzaga, S. Baggett, J. Biretta

Quality assurance checking of the OTFR WFPC2 data has been performed on a representative subset of 89 images. No problems were detected in the data (pixel values) though some procedural issues and header keyword values required further investigation. Critical issues were fixed and retested prior to OTFR's release to the public on May 15, 2001. Problem reports have been submitted for all remaining minor issues. This TIR presents details of the tests, discrepancies found, and their resolution.

The Complete Paper (PDF 0.10 MB) is available, or contact