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Previous WFPC2 Advisories

NEW 12/18/2009 - WFPC2 ISR 2009-07: "Red Leak Characterization for the WFPC2 UV Filters" has been released.

NEW 12/17/2009 - WFPC2 ISR 2009-06: "On-Orbit Photometric Calibration of the WFPC2 Linear Ramp Filters" has been released.

NEW 9/10/2009 - A new ACS+WFPC2 STAN has been posted to the newsletters page.

NEW 5/18/2009 - WFPC2 ISR 2009-05: "Bandwidth Stability of the WFPC2 Narrow Band and Linear Ramp Filters" has been released.

NEW 5/12/2009 - WFPC2 ISR 2009-04: "Wavelength Stability of the WFPC2 Narrow Band and Linear Ramp Filters" is now available.

NEW 4/30/2009 - WFPC2 ISR 2009-03: "Pipeline Correction of Images Impacted by the WF4 Anomaly" has been released. ***Note that there is a new data quality flag value (2048 or bit 11) that is set for all pixels in images whose bias values are so low that they are unlikely to be properly corrected.

NEW 4/1/2009 - WFPC2 ISR 2009-02: "WFPC2 F343N Filter Throughput Decline" has been released.

NEW 3/27/2009 - The new MultiDrizzle Handbook has been released.

NEW 3/25/2009 - WFPC2 ISR 2009-01:"Rapid Pinhole Growth in the F160BW Filter" has been released.

IMPORTANT! 11/07/2008 - In preparation for the decommissioning of WFPC2, the entire WFPC2 archive is currently being reprocessed. Details are presented on the WFPC2 Reprocessing page; the status of the reprocessing effort is given in the Archive Reprocessing Page. An FAQ page on WFPC2 reprocessing is also provided.

IMPORTANT! - Multidrizzled WFPC2 Images from MAST

10/14/2008 - A new geometric distortion table, sad1946fu_idc.fits, is available for ftp on the CDBS WFPC2 reference file web page. This file supersedes the geometric distortion table announced on 8/07/2008.

9/18/2008 - The new WFPC2 Instrument Handbook has been released.

9/18/2008 - A new WFPC2 ISR outlining an algorithm designed to correct the horizontal streaks or bias jumps seen in WFPC2 data, particularly in WF4, has been posted.

8/07/2008 - A new geometric distortion table, s8719359u_idc.fits, is available for ftp on the CDBS WFPC2 reference file web page.

11/01/2007 - WFPC2 Phase II Observation Strategies.

11/01/2007 - Documentation on the APT Bright Object Tool for WFPC2 observations.

5/02/2007: Information on the WF4 CCD Anomaly.

4/18/2007: A new WFPC2 ISR outlining the results of the recent temperature reduction to the amplifier electronics and the effect on the WF4 anomaly.

1/31/2007: Quick Start Guide for ACS Proposers Changing to WFPC2.

10/13/2006: The Cycle 16 Update to the WFPC2 Instrument Handbook is now online!

10/01/2006: The WFPC2 Cycle 15+16 Calibration Plan has been issued.

2005 Calibration Workshop Proceedings released, including a paper on WFPC2 status (PDF)

09/20/2005: Important WFPC2 Closeout Information.

07/15/2005: SYNPHOT Data User's Guide has been released.

A new WFPC2 Memo has been issued regarding WFPC2 Filter Wavelengths in the HST Archive. Due to discrepancies between the "Central Wavelength" and other filter quantities, it has been decided to replace the use of "Central Wavelength" with the use of "Pivot Wavelength" instead. For details please follow the link.

A new paper on An Improved Distortion Solution for HST's WFPC2 by Jay Anderson and Ivan King is available as a preprint (PostScript, 4.4MB). The paper should appear in the Jan 2003 version of the PASP. There is also a text file containing a Fortran routine that implements the distortion solution.

A new edition of the WFPC2 Data Analysis Tutorial, a step-by-step guide to reducing WFPC2 data (Version 3.0 - July 2002) is available in PostScript (3.8 MBytes) and PDF (1.0 MBytes)!

Outsourcing Candidates for WFPC2.

16 May 2001: Do not run UCHCOORD on new data retrieved through OTFR. This is no longer necessary, as OTFR now updates the astrometric information automatically. See this STAN (May 2001) for details.

Important note for dither package users who recently installed STSDAS V2.3.

Complete information on the WFPC2 Shutter Anomaly (PDF, 4.8 MB). Older updates are still available.