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WFPC2 Software Tools

CTE Estimation Tool

The CTE tool allows users of WFPC2 to estimate the effects of CTE losses on point sources.

Exposure Time Calculator

Calculates exposure times for point and extended sources.

Linear Ramp Filter Calculator

This form will calculate (x,y) target positions, POS TARGs (distance, in arc seconds, from the -FIX position of the chip), and wavelengths for WFPC2 Linear Ramp Filter observations.

PSF Library Search and Retrieval Tool

A large set of observational WFPC2 PSFs are available for download.

Polarizer Calibration Tools

This tool generates simple formulae which may be used to compute Stokes I, Q, and U.

WFPC2 Data Analysis Library

The WFPC2 Data Analysis Library (formerly the WFPC2 Clearinghouse) is designed to provide easy reference to a wide variety of WFPC2 related information.

APT Bright Object Tool for WFPC2

A document outlining the use of the bright object tool within APT for WFPC2 observations: PDF (0.5 MB), PostScript (7.3 MB), and Word (0.4 MB) - R. Downes, T. Rogers, and K. Pererson.