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2007 Feb. 1: Default data analysis method switched from Optimal PSF Weighting to 2.0 pixel radius aperture. This will make defaults closer to the ACS ETC defaults.

2002: Version 4.0 released. Options for simple aperture photometry added. Other minor upgrades.

2001 Sep. 21: Test version 3.0 available. We have performed an upgrade that allows more flexible specification of the sky background. It has passed simple tests, but more rigorous testing is still underway.

2001 Aug. 30: Small adjustments to most filter throughputs. Throughputs for most filters adjusted per latest on-orbit measurements. Most throughputs increase by about 10%.

2000 Oct. 20: Color corrections at 1200 Angstroms. Color terms were added to Table 6.1 (see Instrument Handbook) at 1200 Angstroms. This improved accuracy of far-UV count rates for very red or blue stars.

2000 May 03: Small adjustments to several filter throughputs. Throughputs adjusted for F300W, F502N, F555W, and F569W per latest on-orbit measurements. Changes 10% or less.

1998 Aug. 18: Throughputs adjusted to latest values. Throughputs in F160BW, F375M, F1042M, FQCH4N-C, and FQCH4N-D adjusted to make consistent with recent Update to WFPC2 Instrument Handbook version 4.0.

1996 Aug. 30: F160BW throughput adjusted. F160BW throughput was increased by 29% to reflect improvements in calibration.

1996 June 04: Old version 1.25 discontinued.

1996 Jan. 08: Version 2.0 upgrade installed.

New/upgraded features:

1995 Sept. 12: Version 1.25 upgrade installed.

Recent upgrades/added features:

Holding tank for future upgrades:

- John Biretta and Michael S. Wiggs