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WFPC2 Data Analysis Library

The WFPC2 Data Analysis Library (formerly The WFPC2 Clearinghouse) is designed to provide easy reference to a wide variety of WFPC2 related information. It includes references to:

Due to the extremely large volume of material, the on-line database is only complete through 1997. After 1997, we have only continued to update the WFPC2 Data Analysis Library with STScI documentation and reports, including Instrument Science Reports and Technical Instrument Reports.

Please note that inclusion in the WFPC2 Data Analysis Library does not imply that WFPC2 Instrument Scientists at STScI endorse the results of a given reference, due to the fact that there are simply too many items for detailed review.

To search for articles pertaining to a specific topic, select a keyword from the menu below, and then hit the search button to generate a list of relevant documents.

An alphabetized listing of all references contained in the Library database is also available.

STScI's WFPC2 Reference Library

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