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ATLAST Telescope Exterior ATLAST Smaller Image
Artist's concepts of two ATLAST designs
Left: 8-meter monolithic mirror telescope (credit: MSFC Advanced Concepts Office)
Right: 16-meter segmented mirror telescope (credit: Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems & NASA/STScI)

Scientific Articles

June 2010 SPIE Meeting Papers

Science drivers and requirements for an Advanced Technology Large Aperture Space Telescope (ATLAST):Implications for technology development and synergies with other future facilities (Postman et al.)

NASA RFI Response on Servicing Future Space Observatories (Jan 2010)

January 2010 AAS Meeting Posters

January 2009 AAS Meeting Posters

October 2008 "Future of UV Astronomy" Workshop (Annapolis)

Ultraviolet Astronomy Beyond 2020 (M. Postman & M. Mountain)

June 2008 SPIE Meeting Papers

October 2007 Submitted NASA ASMC Proposal

Submitted Proposal to NASA's Astrophysics Strategic Mission Concept Study NRA

Focal Plane Layout for 8-m concept
(similar to that for 16-m except that 8-m layout covers twice the angular scale)

8m focal plane layout

Deployment Sequence for a 16-meter segmented telescope:

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NRC Reports Related to ATLAST

Launching Science: Science Opportunities Provided by NASA's Constellation System

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