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Directions to STScI

Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)
3700 San Martin Drive
Baltimore, MD  21218
Telephone: 410-338-4700

From the east, west or north:
Take the Baltimore beltway (I-695) toward Towson to I-83 south; take I-83 south to Exit 9 (Cold Spring Lane) eastbound.

See directions detail for rest of the route from east, west or north.

From the south:
From either route A or B, see detailed map for directions.

Route A: from I-95 north

Route B: from Md. 295 north (Russell St. in Baltimore)

Visitor Parking Information

PLEASE NOTE: All visitors should try to arrive at least 30 minutes in advance; it may be necessary to use the offsite pay parking lot when other spaces are full. Visitors should note that many of the visitors' parking spaces (meters or garage) require payment.

Designated Visitor Parking Areas:

North Visitor Lot (formerly Lot A)

When the hosting employee/department has made advance arrangements for visitor parking and the visitor's name has been provided to the STScI Receptionist in advance, the visitor may pick up a hang tag from the Front Desk upon arrival.

The hang tags allow visitors to park on the North Campus Visitor Lot (formerly known as Lot A) at no cost to the visitor with a valid hang tag available from the Receptionist. The visitor does not need to purchase a ticket from the pay station on this lot if the hang tag is properly attached to the rear view mirror.

Please understand that due to limited availability of parking on the JHU campus, it may not be possible for STScI staff members to reserve parking for your visit.

Conference attendees should follow any parking instructions provided by the conference registration staff.

Alternate Visitor Parking Area: San Martin Center Parking Garage

If no metered spot is available on the North Visitor Lot (formerly Lot A), the visitor may be able to find parking within the Visitor section of the San Martin Center Parking Garage. Parking availability is limited at this location.

Parking Garage Entrance: The entrance to the San Martin Center Parking Garage is on San Martin Drive, about 800 feet south of the Muller Building.

STScI Visitors may also park in the reserved section of the San Martin Center Parking Garage by picking up a ticket from the Receptionist Desk at the Institute, and place this ticket in the ticket slot of the main entrance gate of the San Martin Center Garage. When the gate reads the ticket, it will partially discharge it, and as you pull the ticket out, the gate will open, and you are to drive through the gate, and make a left to the next gate. At the card reader for this gate, you will slide the same ticket through the bar code reading slot (if the first swipe doesn't work, try flipping the card over and swiping the other side), this will open the inside gate, and give you access to the reserved parking. You may park in any space posted with a "STScI Parking Only" sign. THE SAME TICKET MUST BE USED TO EXIT THE GARAGE. Please do not park in any space posted with a "JHU" or "CIW" sign.

Visitors of the Institute for non-Institute events:

Visitors have the choice between the North Visitor Lot (formerly Lot A), and the San Martin Center Garage. Lot A is located north of the Muller Parking Garage, the entrance is about 500 feet north of the entrance to the top deck of the garage across the street from the Muller Building. Parking passes are issued by the Pay Station located on this lot.

The San Martin Center Parking Garage is another option, and is about 800 feet south of the Muller Building on San Martin Drive. The visitor will take a ticket from the entrance gate, and should use any available visitor space located to the right of the entrance. The visitor should pay for his/her own parking fee. Parking Rates for the Visitor Spaces in the Valley Center Garage are subject to change, please check the current rates at the Pay Station located in the Lobby by the elevators, note that the first 30 minutes are free.

STScI Event Parking

Conference attendees should follow any parking instructions provided by the conference registration staff.

Visitor parking at the Space Telescope Science Institute is extremely limited. There are currently three locations that provide parking for visitors driving to STScI-sponsored events: the Inn at the Colonnade (pay lot); the JHU Eastern lot (free parking), and the JHU Valley Center garage (pay lot with limited availability). Information on these lots is listed below.

Please Note: Visitors driving to the Space Telescope Science Institute should avoid parking in Johns Hopkins University lots (other than Valley Center), metered JHU visitor parking (except as noted above), and on-street parking near STScI. Visitors parking in these locations risk ticketing and/or towing of their vehicles.

Event participants staying at local hotels are encouraged to use the STScI-sponsored shuttle service which provides door-to-door service from local hotels to the Space Telescope Science Institute during conferences.

Parking Map

Inn at the Colonnade

Parking is available for $18/day in the garage of the Inn at the Colonnade, located 1/4 mile northeast of STScI on West University Parkway. The entrance to the parking garage is located on Canterbury Road, around the corner from the main entrance to the hotel.

STScI access is from the Colonnade garage via the JHU campus, either to the right of JHU Homewood Field, walking through the gated lot or to the left of Homewood Field past the JHU Athletic Center and then bearing right towards the Bloomberg Physics and Astronomy building.

Valley Center Garage

The JHU Valley Center Garage is located approximately 1/4 mile south of STScI on San Martin Drive. Daily parking is available in the facility for $10/day. Please note that the parking spaces sometimes fill early in the day.

STScI is located a short walk north of the garage past the Carnegie Foundation building (please see the Visitor Parking section above for additional information on the Valley Center Garage).

JHU Eastern Campus Parking Lot

Free parking is available at the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Eastern parking lot, located approximately 1-1/2 miles east of STScI on East 33rd Street. The JHU shuttle bus provides access from this lot to various locations on the JHU campus. STScI is a short walk away from the JHU shuttle stops. The shuttle bus departs from the Eastern lot approximately every 30 minutes.

Directions to JHU Eastern Lot | JHU Shuttle Schedule

PLEASE NOTE that ID may be requested for use of the JHU shuttle service. Event attendees should also be prepared to supply a copy of their conference registration or similar documentation.

Directions to the Johns Hopkins Campus:

JHU campus map
JHU parking map
JHU Eastern campus directions.