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Tananbaum Abstract

The Next Large X-ray Mission - Constellation-X
Harvey Tananbaum (Chandra X-ray Center; SAO)

The Constellation X-ray Mission will open a new window on x-ray spectroscopy. Integrated over the 0.6-10 keV energy band, Constellation-X will have 100 times the throughput of the gratings aboard Chandra and XMM-Newton. The Constellation-X resolving power will exceed 1250 from 0.3-1.0 keV and 2400 at6 keV. A hard x-ray telescope will extend the bandpass of Constellation-X upwards to at least 40 keV. Constellation-X will probe the physics of extreme processes, events, and systems - where high temperatures, intense gravity, strong magnetic fields and the like produce x-ray radiation.

This talk will present an overview of the mission configuration and the key scientific components. The presentation will describe the breadth of anticipated science such as: measurements of iron lines near event horizons to determine black hole spin and test predictions of general relativity, measurements of turbulence in clusters of galaxies via broadening of iron lines to determine the non-thermal energy content of the clusters, determination of mass and radius for neutron stars with x-ray bursts to limit possible equations of state for ultra-dense matter, measurement of production of heavy elements from carbon to zinc in supernova explosions, measurement of highly ionized oxygen in the warm interstellar medium, and studies of stellar coronae via x-ray Doppler imaging.