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Astrophysics 2020: Beyond the Next Decade
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Green titles reflect presentations by Invited Speakers.

Talk Titles with Abstracts

Tuesday, November 13,2007

9:00a - 9:10a Welcome: Matt Mountain, STScI Director
9:10a - 9:35a Mapping the Structure of all Matter in the Universe
S. Kahn (KIPAC - Stanford University)
9:35a - 9:45a Discussion
9:45a - 10:10a Future Giant Telescopes: Evolution in Ground-Space Synergy
R. Ellis (Caltech)
10:10a - 10:20a Discussion
10:20a - 10:45a Break
10:45a - 12:00p Panel Discussion: The Mission Timescale Conundrum: J. Crocker (LMCO), T. Heckman (JHU), J.P. Looney (BNL), C. Hartman (NASA). Moderator: M. Postman (STScI)
12:00p - 1:30p Lunch
1:30p - 1:55p Technologies for Astrophysics Missions in 2020
D. Ebbets (Ball Aerospace)
1:55p - 2:05p Discussion
2:05p - 2:30p Technology Responsivity and Risk Mitigation: Optimizing the Programmatic S/N of Future Large Space Telescopes
D. Lester (University of Texas, Austin)
2:30p - 2:40p Discussion
2:40p - 2:50p Far-IR Space Interferometry: Science Opportunities, Mission Concepts and Technical Challenges
D. Leisawitz (Goddard Space Flight Center)
2:50p - 2:55p Discussion
2:55p - 3:05p The Role of Interferometers in Future Space Astrophysics Missions
R. Allen (STScI)
3:05p - 3:10p Discussion
3:10p - 3:40p Break
3:40p - 3:50p The Importance of High Spatial and Appropriate Spectral Resolution Spectroscopy
T. Gull (Goddard Space Flight Center)
3:50p - 3:55p Discussion
3:55p - 4:20p Resolved Stellar Populations Beyond the Next Decade
E. Tolstoy (Kapteyn Institute)
4:20p - 4:30p Discussion
4:30p - 4:55p Imaging Inflation with Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization
M. Tegmark (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
4:55p - 5:05p Discussion
5:05p Adjourn

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

9:00a - 9:25a The 20/20 Vision of Galaxy Formation and Reionization
S. Malhotra (Arizona State University)
9:25a - 9:35a Discussion
9:35a - 10:00a Cracking the Mystery of Galaxy and Black Hole Formation: A Theorist's Wish-List for the Next Generation of Space Telescopes
R. Somerville (Max Planck Institute)
10:00a - 10:10a Discussion
10:10a - 10:20a The Future of Direct Supermassive Black Hole Mass Measurements
D. Batcheldor (Rochester Institute of Technology)
10:20a - 10:25a Discussion
10:25a - 10:55a Break
10:55a - 11:20a Enabling Future Large Astrophysics Missions While Living Within Our Means
J. Morse (NASA Headquarters)
11:20a - 11:30a Discussion
11:30a - 11:55a Large Deployed and Assembled Space Telescopes
R. Polidan (Northrop Grumman Space Technology)
11:55a - 12:05p Discussion
12:05p - 1:35p Lunch
1:35p - 2:00p The Next Large X-ray Mission - Constellation-X
H. Tananbaum (Chandra X-ray Center; SAO)
2:00p - 2:10p Discussion
2:10p - 2:20p High Resolution X-ray Imaging after Chandra: The Generation-X Mission Concept
M. Elvis (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
2:20p - 2:25p Discussion
2:25p - 2:50p Multiple Spacecraft Observatories for 2020 and Beyond: Breaking a Tradition of Four Centuries
W. Cash (University of Colorado)
2:50p - 3:00p Discussion
3:00p - 3:30p Break
3:30p - 3:55p Enhancing the Characterization of Extrasolar Planets via Direct Detection with a Coronagraphic Terrestrial Planet Finder
E. Ford (University of Florida)
3:55p - 4:05p Discussion
4:05p - 4:15p Massively Parallel Ground-Based Follow-Up by Amateur and Educational Communities Beyond the Next Decade
D. Hogg (New York University)
4:15p - 4:20p Discussion
4:20p - 4:45p Exoplanet Science with Ares-V Enabled Telescopes
W. Traub (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
4:45p - 4:55p Discussion
4:55p - 5:20p Extrasolar Planets in 2020
Drake Deming (NASA / GSFC)
5:20p - 5:30p Discussion
5:30p Adjourn until Reception
6:00p Conference Dinner (Drinks at 6; Meal at 7)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

9:00a - 9:25a 20/20 Vision: The Technology, the Facilities, the Science and the Politics That May Drive Space Astrophysics Observatories in the 21st Century
J. Crocker (Lockheed Martin)
9:25a - 9:35a Discussion
9:35a - 10:00a Gravitational Wave Astronomy from Space
T. Prince (Caltech)
10:00a - 10:10a Discussion
10:10a - 10:20a Detection of Relic Gravitational Waves and Rotation of the Universe by Direct Angular Measurements at 1 Microarcsecond
V. Makarov (Michelson Science Center, Caltech)
10:20a - 10:25a Discussion
10:25a - 10:55a Break
10:55a - 11:20a Astrophysics Missions in ESA's Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 Program
F. Favata (ESA)
11:20a - 11:30a Discussion
11:30a - 11:40a The Dark Ages Lunar Interferometer (DALI)
Kurt Weiler (NRL)
11:40a - 11:45a Discussion
11:45a - 12:10p Remote Sensing for Space Exploration in 50 Years
S. Beckwith (STScI)
12:10p - 12:20p Discussion
12:20p Meeting Adjourns