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.Astronomy X : Mining the past, making space for the future

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Monday, September the 24th - Thursday, September the 27th, 2018

Astronomy is the science of the past and the future of the Universe. For the 10th edition of .Astronomy ("dot Astronomy") we will explore this duality of our science in all its guises: we push to build, innovate and explore to study at the same time our history and our future. We apply new technologies to data from past observations to generate new knowledge. The conference venue, the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, is a global centre for space astronomy: the hub of Hubble, and the home of its golden heir, the James Webb Space Telescope. STScI hosts MAST, the Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes, which makes data available to the global community from numerous missions and surveys, such as Kepler, TESS and Pan-STARRS. We’ll be incorporating the theme of space telescopes into our sessions.

For the conference, we invite you to leave your presentation slides behind, and bring your ideas and enthusiasm to work together to learn from our past and build for the future. The conference starts with "Day Zero": a day of introductions and tutorials. On days 1 and 3, we'll mix talks with unconference sessions, which are led by the participants themselves on topics of their choosing. The Hack Day on day 2 gives room for learning, collaborating and being creative around the themes of the conference - be it technical, cultural or artistic.

"Mining the Past"

"Making Space for the Future"

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Registration procedure

We are no longer accepting applications to attend .Astronomy X. If you submitted a pre-registration form, you can expect to hear back from us by the end of June. If you have any questions, please email

Financial Support

We have limited funds available to support travel to the conference thanks to generous support from the American Astronomical Society. A portion of these funds are also available as childcare grants for participants with additional childcare expenses. Invited participants will receive further information on how to apply for these funds by the end of June.

*The AAS is responsible for the administration of these funds.Please contact for more information.*

If you have questions, please email