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Connecting to the STScI Visitor Network

The Space Telescope Science Institute provides a dedicated local area network for visitors who may require Internet access.

Wireless Visitor Network

Wireless access is generally available throughout the Muller building.

To use the STScI visitor network, create a new wireless profile on your computer. The wireless profile should be set to use DHCP, with no WEP encryption enabled. Account registration is not needed.

Any computer connecting to the STScI visitor network is required have virus protection enabled. Use of the STScI visitor network is subject to and implies acceptance of the STScI Network Connection Policy (II-F-6).

Please remember that networking with a wireless device is not completely secure. You should not send nor receive unencrypted sensitive or confidential information over wireless, including account passwords. You should use programs such as Secure Shell (SSH) for communication with a remote host. Whenever possible, application level encryption programs should be used.

In the event of a security or other problem detected on the network (e.g., suspicious activity originating from inside the network), the visitor network will be disabled until the problem is resolved.

STScI does not provide wireless cards to visitors. Please work with the IT staff at your home institution to ensure that your system is ready to connect to third-party wireless networks.

What if I don't bring a laptop?

For most conferences, a few public-access systems in the Cafe Azafran or other public locations should you wish to check email or access the Internet. Please check with the STScI conference staff to confirm the location of these computers.