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2010 Calibration Workshop
Multidrizzle Course

20 July 2010

1–5 pm

CafeCon, Space Telescope Science Institute

A Multidrizzle mini-course was offered on Tuesday, 20 July 2010, from 1 to 5 pm. This hands-on course covered:

Course Attendees
Participant Organization
Prof. Barbara Anthony-Twarog University of Kansas
Ms. Elizabeth Barker STScI
Mrs. Tiffany Borders STScI
Ms. Misty Cracraft STSCI
Ms. Emily Dare Tufts University
Susana Deustua STSCI
Mr. Timothy Dolch STScI
Dr. Linda Dressel STScI
Dr. Lorenzo Faccioli LBNL
Mr. Patrick Fry Space Science & Engineering Center
Sara Heap NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
Ms. Pey Lian Lim Space Telescope Science Institute
Mr. Don Lindler Sigma Space Corporation
Dr. Andre Martel STScI
Dr. Aparna Maybhate STScI
Mr. Max Mutchler Space Telescope Science Institute
Dr. Steven Rodney Johns Hopkins University
Christopher Sontag STScI
Deepashri Thatte Space Telescope Science Institute
Mr. Vithal Tilvi ASU, School of Earth & Space Exploration
Mr. Ingo Waldmann University College London
Dr. Wei Zheng Johns Hopkins University