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2013 Calibration Workshop
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The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) has been operating with its final complement of instruments since 2009. In addition, three of the instruments to be flown onboard the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) have just been delivered, and the final two will be completed soon. It is therefore a perfect time to hold a workshop emphasizing calibrations that are required to maximally exploit the capabilities of both observatories. This is also an opportunity to assess any additional calibrations needed to ensure that the current HST and future JWST archives are robust and as scientifically valuable as possible.

In addition to these observatory specific themes, the workshop will address topics that apply broadly to astronomical calibration in general, and to more focused cross-observatory calibration.

The Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) will host the 2013 STScI Calibration Workshop on April 8-11, 2013. Our goal is to foster the sharing of information and techniques between observers, instrument support teams, and instrument developers. Two and one-half days of the meeting will be dedicated to plenary presentations from invited and contributing speakers. One and one-half days will be dedicated to specialized breakout sessions. Contributed posters will be displayed throughout the workshop. The schedule includes ample time for discussion after each plenary presentation and during breakout sessions, as well as many opportunities for exchange during lunch and coffee breaks.

Registration for the Workshop is $47. There will also be a Tapas Feast on Tuesday night. The cost will be $52; please be sure to sign up for the Tapas Feast at the time of registration. You may register for the Workshop at the link on the left.

During the registration process, you may enter an abstract for a contributed poster. You may also add an abstract at a later date. Please be advised that:

On-line registration deadline: March 8, 2013
Abstract submission deadline: March 15, 2013

For more information please send us an email at

Breakout Sessions
Breakout Room 1Breakout Room 2Breakout Room 3
ACS/WFC3 Calibration IssuesCOS/STIS Calibration IssuesIFU
NonlinearitySlitless SpectroscopyCTE
Near-IR DetectorsExoplanetsEnabling More Science with MAST Archival Data
MIRI DetectorsCalibrations Needed to Maximize HST Legacy and Prepare for JWSTAstroDrizzle
Report To PlenaryReport To PlenaryReport To Plenary
Plenary Sessions
Talk TypeTheme of TalkSpeakerAffiliation
General Calibration New Challenges for Astronomical Calibration (Spectroscopy, photometry, astrometry)Kathleen KraemerBoston College
General Calibration Cross-Observatory CalibrationGiuseppe AltavillaINAF
HST The Status of HSTKen SembachSTScI
HST WFC3: Parallel Astrometric Spatial ScanningAdam RiessJHU/STScI
HST COS Adjustments: Implications for Cycles 20/21Cristina OliveiraSTScI
HST STIS CoronagraphyCarol GradyGoddard
HST The Status of NICMOSRodger ThompsonAZ
HST The Status of the FGS on HSTBarbara McArthurUT
General Calibration Measurement AstrophysicsJohn McGrawUNM
General Calibration Trends in Self-CalibrationDavid HoggNYU
JWST The Status of JWSTMassimo StiavelliSTScI
JWST JWST/NIRCamMarcia RiekeArizona
JWST JWST/NIRISSRené DoyonUniversité de Montréal
JWST JWST/NIRSpecPierre FerruitESA
JWST JWST/MIRIGeorge RiekeArizona
HST & JWST Special Calibration Needs: Imaging (Extended sources & crowded fields)Dustin LangPrinceton
HST & JWST Special Calibration Needs: Spectroscopy (Spectral maps/high precision spectroscopy)Susana DeustuaSTScI
HST & JWST Special Calibration Needs: ExoplanetsDrake DemingUmd
HST & JWST Special Calibration Needs: High Contrast ImagingDean C. HinesSTScI
Archival Calibration Science from Big Data Archival InitiativesAlex SzalayJHU/STScI
Archival Calibration Science Enabled by Archival Grism Spectroscopic DataLou StrolgerSTScI
HST & JWST Calibration CRDS - Defining Calibration Files for JWST with Implications for HSTGretchen GreenSTScI
HST & JWST Calibration AstroDrizzle and High Level Products for HST & JWSTAndy FruchterSTScI