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The 1997 HST Calibration Workshop

Authors Title
John Caldwell Deconvolution of Sub-stepped 1-D and 2-D HST Data
Brian Espey New and Improved FUV/UV Emission Line Diagnostics
Michael Rosa and Pascal Ballester Calibration of Echelle Data using Models
Jeffrey Hayes Estimating Scattered Light in the FOS
Rainer Kuschnig Time-stabilty of the HST-Fine Guidance Sensors Photometry
Lisa E. Sherbert GHRS Calibration Changes since February 1997
NICMOS Splinter Session
Elizabeth Stobie File Formats
Chris Skinner Improving on the Pipeline products
Eddie Bergeron Understanding the NICMOS Darks
Ivo Busko STSDAS Software Tools for NICMOS
Daniela Calzetti Cosmic Ray sensitivity of NICMOS
Daniela Calzetti The Data Handbook
Luis Colina The Cycle 7+ Calibration Plan
Doris Daou, David Axon, Chris Skinner NICMOS Pointed Thermal Background: Results from On-Orbit Data
Doris Daou, Chris Skinner Persistence in NICMOS: Results from On-Orbit Data
John Krist Nicmos PSF Subtraction
Dyer Lytle NICMOS File Formats - the details
Brian McLeod Reduction of NICMOS Multiaccum Data
Christine Ritchie Data Quality Control and Paper Products
Elizabeth Stobie IDL Software Tools for NICMOS
Alex Storrs Making Mosaics and Maps
Anatoly Suchkov Long term and short term variations of NICMOS camera foci
Terry Beck STIS CCD Hot Pixel Annealing
Gary Bower STIS Observations of the Galaxy M84
Nicholas Collins STIS First Order Low Resolution Mode Sensitivity Curves
R.H. Cornett, A. Grusczak, C. Ftaclas, S.R. Heap, and B.E. Woodgate Simulations of the STIS CCD Clear Imaging Mode
Jonathan P. Gardner The STIS Parallel Survey
Theodore R. Gull Thermal Motion of STIS Optical Bench
Sara R. Heap Reduction of STIS Echelle Spectra
Robert S. Hill Cosmic Ray and Hot Pixel Removal from STIS CCD Images
Charles L. Joseph Laboratory Test Data on the Stability of the STIS MAMAs
Wayne Landsman Scattered Light Characterization of the STIS echelles
Don J. Lindler Analysis of STIS Time-tagged Data
Eliot M. Malumuth Determination of the Geometric Distortion in STIS images
Philip Plait Flat Fielding of STIS CCD Fringing
Jeremy R. Walsh Extraction of Point Source Spectra from STIS Long Slit Data
G. Dudziak and J. Walsh WFPC2 calibration for emission line images
P. Linde, A. Ardeberg, T. Bensby, and R. Snel HST, uvby photometry and system calibration
Alberto Micol Associations of WFPC2 exposures
Max Mutchler Drizzling dithered WFPC2 images -- a demonstration
Kavan Ratnatunga Calibrating the WFPC2 pointing
M. Remy, J. Surdej, S. Baggett, M. Wiggs WFPC2 photometry via subtraction of TinyTim PSFs
M. Remy, J.-F. Claeskens, and J. Surdej PC Imaging of the gravitational lens systems J03.13 and HE1104-1805
A. Suchkov and S. Casertano WFPC2 Aperture Corrections
J. Surdej, S. Baggett, M. Remy, and M. Wiggs WFPC2 Photometry from Subtraction of Observed PSFs
M. Wiggs, S. Baggett, J. Surdej, and C. Tullos The WFPC2 PSf Library
M. Wiggs, B. Whitmore, and I. Heyer The WFPC2 Clearinghouse