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The 1997 HST Calibration Workshop

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S. A. Baum STIS Overview; Capabilities and Basic Operations
Randy A. Kimble The On-Orbit Performance of the STIS Detectors
Charles W. Bowers The On-Orbit Optical Performance of STIS
Mary Elizabeth Kaiser, Don J. Lindler and Ralph C. Bohlin The Flat Fielding and Achievable Signal-to-Noise of the MAMA Detectors
Steve Kraemer, Ron Downes, Rocio Katsanis, Mike Crenshaw, Melissa McGrath and Rich Robinson STIS Target Acquisition
S. J. Hulbert and P. E. Hodge The STIS Calibration Pipeline
Paul Goudfrooij, Stefi A. Baum, Henry C. Ferguson, Jeffrey J. E. Hayes, Steve J. Hulbert, Claus Leitherer, Melissa A. McGrath, Kailash C. Sahu and Richard A. Shaw The Cycle 7 Calibration Plan for STIS
Bruce E. Woodgate STIS Capabilities: Current and future implementation.
T. Beck and W. Landsman STIS CCD Hot Pixel Annealing
G. A. Bower, R. F. Green, D. Lindler, et al. STIS Observations of the Nuclear Ionized Gas in the Elliptical Galaxy M84
Nicholas Collins and Ralph Bohlin STIS First-Order Low-Resolution Mode Point-Source Sensitivity Curves
R. H. Cornett, A. Grusczak, C. Ftaclas, S. R. Heap and B. E. Woodgate Simulations of the STIS CCD Clear Imaging Mode PSF
H. Ferguson A Test of the STIS CCD Flatfielding Accuracy on Small Scales
Jonathan P. Gardner The STIS Parallel Survey: Introduction and First Results
Paul Goudfrooij, Stefi A. Baum and Jeremy R. Walsh Fringe Correction for STIS Near-IR Long-Slit Spectra using Contemporaneous Tungsten Flat Fields
Theodore R. Gull, Mary Jane Taylor, Richard Shaw, Richard Robinson and Robert S. Hill Thermal Motion of the STIS Optical Bench
Sara R. Heap and Thomas M. Brown Correction for the STIS Echelle Blaze Function
Robert S. Hill, Wayne B. Landsman, Don Lindler and Richard Shaw Cosmic Ray and Hot Pixel Removal from STIS CCD Images
Charles L. Joseph Laboratory Test Data on the Stability of the STIS MAMAs
W. Landsman and C. Bowers Scattered Light in the STIS Echelle Modes
Don J. Lindler, Theodore R. Gull, Steven B. Kraemer and Stephen J. Hulbert Analysis of STIS Time-Tag Data
Eliot M. Malumuth and Charles W. Bowers Determination of Geometric Distortion in STIS Images
Philip Plait and Ralph Bohlin Fringe Science: Creating a STIS CCD Fringe Flat Field
J. R. Walsh Extraction of Point Source Spectra from STIS Long Slit Data
Rodger I. Thompson NICMOS Status and Plans
C. J. Skinner, L. E. Bergeron and D. Daou Characteristics of the NICMOS Detectors
L. Colina and M.J. Rieke The Photometric Performance of NICMOS
John E. Krist and Richard N. Hook NICMOS PSF Variations and Tiny Tim Simulations
Susan R. Stolovy Narrow-Band Emission Line Imaging with NICMOS:
Wolfram Freudling The NICMOS Grism Mode
D. C. Hines, G. D. Schmidt and Dyer Lytle The Polarimetric Capabilities of NICMOS
Howard Bushouse The NICMOS CALNICA and CALNICB Pipelines
C. J. Skinner Improving on the NICMOS Calibration Pipeline Products
L. E. Bergeron and C. J. Skinner Understanding the NICMOS Darks
Ivo C. Busko NICMOS Data Processing Software in STSDAS
Daniela Calzetti NICMOS Sensitivity to Cosmic Rays
Daniela Calzetti and Howard Bushouse The NICMOS Data Handbook
Luis Colina and Alex Storrs NICMOS Cycle7 Calibration Plan and Beyond
Doris Daou and C. J. Skinner Persistence in NICMOS:
Doris Daou, C. J. Skinner and David Axon NICMOS Pointed Thermal Background:
John E. Krist Subtraction of Well-Exposed NICMOS 2 PSFs
D. Lytle, E. Stobie, A. Ferro, I. Barg NICMOS File Formats
Brian A. McLeod NICRED: Reduction of NICMOS MULTIACCUM Data with IRAF
C. Ritchie, H. Bushouse, L. Colina, D. Calzetti, C. Skinner, A. Storrs NICMOS Data Quality Control and Paper Products
E. Stobie, D. Lytle, A. Ferro, I. Barg Software Tools for NICMOS
Alex Storrs Making Maps and Mosaics
A. A. Suchkov, L. Bergeron and G. G. Galas Long-Term and Short-Term Variations of NICMOS Foci
B. C. Whitmore WFPC2 Status and Overview
Stefano Casertano WFPC2 Photometric Calibration
G. Dudziak and J. R. Walsh WFPC2 Calibration for Emission Line Images
P. Linde, A. Ardeberg, T. Bensby and R. Snel HST, uvby Photometry and System Calibration
A. Micol, P. Bristow and B. Pirenne Associations of WFPC2 Exposures
Max Mutchler and Andrew Fruchter Drizzling Dithered WFPC2 Images---A Demonstration
Kavan U. Ratnatunga, Eric J. Ostrander and Richard E. Griffiths Calibrating the WFPC2 Astrometry for MDS
M. Remy, J.-F. Claeskens and J. Surdej HST Observations of the Gravitational Lens Systems HE 1104-1805 and J03.13
M. Remy, J. Surdej, S. Baggett and M. Wiggs WFPC2 Photometry from Subtraction of TinyTim PSFs
A. Suchkov and S. Casertano Aperture Corrections for WFPC2 Stellar Photometry
J. Surdej, S. Baggett, M. Remy and M. Wiggs WFPC2 Photometry from Subtraction of Observed PSFs
Michael S. Wiggs, Sylvia Baggett, Jean Surdej and Calvin Tullos The WFPC2 PSF Library
Michael S. Wiggs, Brad Whitmore and Inge Heyer The WFPC2 Clearinghouse
R. Jedrzejewski FOC Status and Overview
R. Jedrzejewski and M. Voit F/48 Slit Spectroscopy
Tony Keyes The Closeout State of the FOS
Anuradha Koratkar and Ian Evans Average Inverse Sensitivity Recalibration of Pre-COSTAR Faint Object Spectrograph Data and Comparison with International Ultraviolet Explorer Data
Jeffrey J.E. Hayes and Charles D. (Tony) Keyes Estimating Scattered Light in the FOS
Roeland P. van der Marel The HST/FOS Wavelength Scale
Ed Nelan, Olivia Lupie and Lauretta Nagel Astrometry with the FGS in POSITION Mode and TRANSFER Mode: Observing Strategies, Pipeline Processing and Data Reduction
Olivia Lupie, Ed Nelan and Lauretta Nagel FGS1R: Potentially HST's Astrometry Science Workhorse
B. McArthur, G. F. Benedict, W. H. Jefferys and E. Nelan Maintaining the FGS3 Optical Field Angle Distortion Calibration
R. Kuschnig, W. W. Weiss and K. Zwintz Stability of FGS Photometry
David R. Soderblom and Lisa E. Sherbert The Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph
L. E. Sherbert GHRS Calibration Changes since February 1997
P. Greenfield The New HST FITS Format, the FITS Kernel and OpenIRAF
Stephen Lubow New Calibration Systems Projects at STScI
A. S. Fruchter, R. N. Hook, I. C. Busko and M. Mutchler A Package for the Reduction of Dithered Undersampled Images
Nailong Wu and John Caldwell Deconvolution of Substepped 1-D and 2-D HST Data
M. R. Rosa and P. Ballester Calibrating Echelle Spectra using Instrument Models

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