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1993 Calibration Workshop FOS TOC

NOTE: All files are in PostScript format.

FOS Instrument Status and Performance Changes: 1990 - 1993
Charles D. (Tony) Keyes

FOS Calibration Pipeline
Anuradha Koratkar

FOS Aperture Transmissions for Point Sources and Surface Brightness of Diffuse Sources (Pre-COSTAR)
R. C. Bohlin

Reference Guide and History of FOS Calibration Reference Files and Tables
Cynthia J. Taylor and Charles D. (Tony) Keyes

Position Repeatability of Spectra Obtained with the FOS
R.W. Lyons, E.A. Beaver, R.D. Cohen and V.T. Junkkarinen

An Introduction to FOS Scattered Light
A. L. Kinney

Background Signals in FOS Data: Cerenkov and Scattered Light
Michael R. Rosa

Grating Scatter in the HST FOS
Cindy C. Cunningham and John J. Caldwell

FOS Flat Fielding
Charles D. (Tony) Keyes

The HST Quasar Absorption Line Key Project XI: Some Practical Suggestions for Flat Fielding Your FOS Data
Buell T. Jannuzi and George F. Hartig

Ultraviolet Calibration Issues in the FOS
Cindy C. Cunningham, Christopher D. Barnet and John J. Caldwell

UV Emission Lines in FOS Sky Spectra
R.W. Lyons, W.A. Baity, R.D. Cohen and V.T. Junkkarinen

Preliminary Comparison of the HST and White Dwarf Absolute Flux Scales
Ralph Bohlin

Summary of the FOS Working Session
Anuradha Koratkar and Charles D. (Tony) Keyes