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1993 Calibration Workshop Posters


"Ground-Based Calibration of Stellar Photometry in M81 from WFC Images 

"Centroiding Planetary Camera Stellar Images" by T. M. Girard, W. F. van Altena,
W. H. Jefferys, G. F. Benedict, P. D. Hemenway, P. J. Shelus, A. L. Whipple, 
O. G. Franz, L. W. Frederick

"Flat-Fielding and Photometric Accuracy of the WFC with F555W and F785LP" by Andrew
C. Phillips, D. A. Forbes and M. A. Bershady (Lick Observatory)


"Dark Counts and Noise Rejection for GHRS and FOS" by Ed Beaver

"Sky Emission Lines in the UV" by Ron Lyons (FOS)

"Position Repeatability of FOS Spectra" by Ron Lyons


"Wavelength stability of the GHRS" by Dave Soderblom

"Effects of focus changes on Sensitivity of the GHRS" by Dave Soderblom

"SSA throughput of the GHRS" by Steve Hulbert

"LSA Line Spread Function for the GHRS" by Ron Gilliland

"Faint Object Observations with noise rejection with the GHRS" by Lisa Sherbert

Telescope Performance and Astrometry:

"Optical Field Angle Distortion Calibration of FGS3" by Jeffrys et al.

"Maintaining FGS3 OFAD with the Long-Term Stability Test" by Whipple et al.

"POS mode Astrometric Stability and Precision of FGS3 - the Parallax and 
Proper Motion of Proxima Centauri" by Benedict et al.


"Post Observation GO Support" by Krista Rudloff