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1993 Calibration Workshop Schedule

         HST Calibration Workshop: November 15-17 - STScI, Baltimore.


Monday 15 November, STScI Auditorium

8:45am		Welcome		Bob Williams
		Introduction	Chris Blades

9:00-10:30	Wide Field & Planetary Camera
		Session Chair, Jim Westphal (CalTech)
WFPC status and performance changes--1990 through 1993
	John Mackenty (STScI)						25 min
WFPC calibration pipeline and major changes 
	John Biretta (STScI)						15 min

Flat Field Calibration	
	John Biretta (STScI) - overview, flats & delta flats		20 min
	Kavan Ratnatunga(JHU) - faint galaxy calibrations		15 min

10:30-11:00	Morning Coffee 

11:00-12:30	WF/PC, continued

Photometric Performance and time dependency
	John Biretta (STScI) - introduction				15 min
	Bill Baum (U Washington) - the WFPC photometric system		15 min
	Bob Light (CalTech/IPAC) - photometry problems			15 min
	Peter Stetson (DAO) - photometry with DAOPHOT III		15 min
	Lukas Labhardt (Basel) - core PSF photometry			10 min


12:30-1:30	Luncheon

1:30-3:00	Faint Object Camera
		Session Chair, Bob Fosbury (ST ECF)

FOC status; calibration pipeline; changes, 1990 through 1993
	Antonella Nota (STScI)						20 min

Detector Response: sensitivity and linearity
	David Baxter (STScI)						30 min

Photometric Performance
	Ivan King (UC Berkeley) - FOC photometric system		30 min
	Adeline Caulet (ST ECF) The UV sky background			 5 min

3:00-3:30	Afternoon Tea

3:30-6:00	Faint Object Spectrograph
		Session Chair, Ralph Bohlin (STScI)

FOS instrument status and performance changes--1990 through 1993
	Tony Keyes (STScI)						20 min
FOS calibration pipeline and major changes 
	Anuradha Koratkar (STScI)					15 min

Scattered light
	Anne Kinney (STScI) & M. Rosa (ST-ECF)				30 min
Flat fielding
	Tony Keyes (STScI) & B. Jannuzi (Princeton)			30 min
Absolute Photometry
	Ralph Bohlin (STScI)						30 min


6:00-8:00 Reception in STScI Cafeteria


Tuesday 16 November, STScI Auditorium

8:45-10:45	Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph
		Session Chair, Bruce Woodgate (GSFC)
GHRS instrument status; calibration pipeline, and major changes, 1990 through 1993
	Steve Hulbert (STScI)						20min

High S/N Observations 
	Jason Cardelli (U Wisconsin) - Fixed-pattern noise removal 	20min
	Dennis Ebbets (Ball Aerospace) - Scattered Light 		20min
	Glen Wahlgren (CSC) - Photocathode blemishes 			10min
Wavelength calibration 
	Don Lindler (ACC Inc) - Improved wavelength calibration 	20min

	Richard Robinson (CSC)						20min


10:45-11:15	Morning Coffee

11:15-12:00	Telescope Performance; Astrometry
		Session Chair, Peter Stockman (STScI)	
Focus history - OTA modelling software; scattered light test
	H. Hasan (STScI)						45 min

12:00-1:00	Astrometry		

Astrometry with HST:  The Astrometry Science Team Calibrations
	Fritz Benedict (U Texas)					20 min

FGS Calibration Program
	Larry Taff (STScI)						20 min

Astrometry with the WF/PC
	Roberto Gilmozzi (STScI)					20 min

1:00-2:00	Luncheon

2:00-6:00	Instrument Specific Discussion Group Meetings

	Several meeting rooms will be available for parallel splinter
	discussion meetings. Possible instrument discussion groups are listed below.

Wednesday 17 November, STSci Auditorium and meeting rooms

9:00-11:00 	Discussion Groups continue in parallel; and a 
	Special Session on UV flux calibration will be held between 9:00-10:30

		Session Chair, Michael Rosa (ST ECF) 

UV flux standard stars for HST
	Ralph Bohlin (STScI)					      	15 min

Atmospheric models of White Dwarfs            
	David Finley (ES Inc)						15 min

NLTE extended atmospheres of massive stars
	Danny Lennon (U Munich)  					10 min

HUT calibration                               
	Jeff Kruk (JHU) 						10 min

IUE final calibration                         
	Rosario Gonzalez-Riestra (VILSPA)     				10 min      

11:00-11:30	Morning Coffee

11:30-12:30	Workshop Wrap-Up, Future Plans