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Candels Team Meeting

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About the Event

The CANDELS observations will be complete in August 2013. What better time for our third full team meeting!

Please join us for a week of intense CANDELS science. Present your latest findings from the data so far. Subject your theoretical predictions to observational verification, or your observations to theoretical scrutiny. Brainstorm new ideas, or form new collaborations. Trade notes on the challenges of trying to derive physical quantities from imperfect, incomplete data (albeit the best available). Help set the collaboration agenda for the all-out science phase of the project over the comming year.

There will be science presentations, working-group discussions, and topical breakout sessions. If you would like to make a presentation, please indicate that on your registration form. Also, if you can't make it for the full week, please indicate on your registration form which days you will be present.

The meeting will be held at the University of Kentucky in Lexington.