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2006 Mini-Workshop: The End of the Dark Ages
From First Light to Reionization
Poster Sessions

Participants presenting a poster will be issued a poster number when arriving for the event. Please be sure to place your poster in the corresponding space (push pins will be available in the poster session area).

Posters will be displayed from Monday, March 13th, through Wednesday, March 15th, 2006 in the Cafe Azafran conference room (far right corner of the Cafeteria). Anyone who wishes to keep their original poster must remove it by Noon on March 15th. Posters not removed by this time will be discarded.

NOTE: Those submitting a poster after March 03, 2006, your names will not appear in the program, but will appear on the information board at the time of the workshop.

Poster Dimensions

All posters must conform to the following dimensions:

Height: 32"(81 cm)  Width: 46"(116 cm)
Please use the dimensions listed; display space is limited. Push pins will be provided.

Emailing Posters to STScI

If you have an electronic version of your poster, please send it to so that we may put it on the website. Do not forget to bring a hard copy of your poster to display.

List of Posters