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2006 Mini-Workshop: The End of the Dark Ages
From First Light to Reionization

Event Presentations

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Feedback Effects of the First Stars on Nearby Halos
Kyungjin Ahn (The University of Texas at Austin)
Searching for Lyman alpha Beyond Reionization
Elizabeth Barton (University of California, Irvine)
Observational Properties of Galaxies at z~6
Rychard Bouwens (UC Santa Cruz)
The History of Reionization
Renyue Cen (Princeton University)
21 cm constraints on reionization
Benedetta Ciardi (MPA)
The Properties of the Intergalactic Medium at High Redshift
Lennox Cowie (Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii)
The Role of Ground-based Observations in Future Studies of High Redshift Galaxies
Richard Ellis (Caltech)
Efficiencies of Reionization Sources and Comparisons with Observations
Michael Fall (STScI)
The Twilight Zone of Reionization
Steven Furlanetto (Yale University)
Science with the James Webb Space Telescope
Jonathan P. Gardner (NASA GSFC)
Numerical simulations of reionization
Ilian Iliev (CITA)
The End of the Reionization Epoch Probed by Ly-alpha Emitters at z=6.5
Nobunari Kashikawa (NAOJ)
Selecting Candidate z ~ 6-7 AGN from Extreme X-ray / Optical Sources (EXOs)
Anton Koekemoer (STScI)
Clustering and Feedback in the Early Stages of Reionization
Roban Kramer (Columbia University)
FUSE and HST Observations of the He II Lyman-alpha Forest
Gerard Kriss (STScI)
Probing Reionization with Lyman Alpha Sources
Sangeeta Malhotra (Arizona State University)
Cosmological Parameter Estimation Using 21 cm Radiation from the Epoch of Reionization
Matt McQuinn (Harvard)
Discovery of a New Population of Evolved and Massive Galaxies at Very high redshifts
Bahram Mobasher (Space Telescope Science Institute)
Environmental effects on Population III protostellar accretion rates
Brian O'Shea (Los Alamos National Lab)
Clustering of Ly-a Emitters and Dropout Galaxies at z=3-7: Implications for the Reionization of the Universe
Masami Ouchi (STScI)
Older Galaxies in the Early Universe tell Better Stories about Reionization
Nino Panagia (STScI)
Sources of reionization
Massimo Ricotti (U of Maryland)
New Results on Cosmic Reionization and the 21-cm Background
Paul Shapiro (The University of Texas at Austin)
Galaxies at Redshifts Beyond 5: star formation rates, stellar masses and implications for reionization
Elizabeth Stanway (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Probing the Cosmic Dark ages with HST and JWST
Massimo Stiavelli (STScI)
Star Formation History of the Ultra Deep Field
Rodger Thompson (Steward Observatory)
The first constraint on the reionization from GRBs: the optical afterglow spectrum of GRB 050904 at z=6.3
Tomonori Totani (Kyoto University)
Probing reionization using z>6 quasars
Richard L. White (Space Telescope Science Institute)
A Population of Old and Massive Galaxies at z > 5
Tommy Wiklind (ESA/STScI)
Probing the Dark Ages with the Square Kilometer Array
Steven Furlanetto (Yale University)
Simulations and Analytic Calculations of Bubble Growth During Hydrogen Reionization
Matt McQuinn (Harvard)
The chemical feedback effects of Population III stars on nearby halos at high redshift
Brian O'Shea (Los Alamos National Lab)
Dust absorption along the line of sight and first light observations with JWST
Michele Trenti (STScI)

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