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2006 Mini-Workshop: The End of the Dark Ages
From First Light to Reionization
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Information for Speakers

STScI will be webcasting the entire workshop, providing a webcast of the physical presentations and the powerpoint presentation slides. The resolution of powerpoint presentations via a webcast can be difficult. Small text, certain colors, graphs with extreme detail; all can be problematic. In light of this, we have some general guidelines and examples for speakers to consider at the following link:

1. The preferred presentation medium is PowerPoint or some other electronic document.

We have a website available with recommendations for presentations (PowerPoint or transparencies). These recommendations are mainly concerned with point size, fonts, and colors. For instance, we recommend not using anything smaller than 24 point. In general, for colors; you need colors of high contrast.

On this website, we have a powerpoint file with all the information we are recommending, plus a webcast of the same powerpoint file and, a webcast of transparencies of the same powerpoint file. We have made a series of powerpoint templates that you may find useful.

2. Using an overhead projector with transparencies is an extremely difficult format to broadcast (often the material can not be seen).

3. Laptop(s) [Mac,PC] will be available in the auditorium for the presentations, so if possible, bring or email ( a copy of your presentation. We can load them up, and eliminate the need to change laptops between talks.

4. Webcasting has its own technical difficulties, particularly with image degradation. Thus the need for attention to point size and colors. What is seen in person can not always be seen via a webcast.

Please contact Calvin Tullos ( with your presentation needs or concerns.

We will be requesting a copy of each talk in advance. Details to follow.

Thank you,
the LOC
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