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2007 Hubble Fellows Symposium Program

Monday, April 2

08:30  Coffee and Pastry (Lobby)

09:00  Welcome (Auditorium)

Session 1 (Chair:  Mike Fall)

09:15  Hiranya Peiris: Dynamical Behavior of Generic Dark
            Energy Models

09:45  Kris Sigurdson:  The Effect of Rayleigh Scattering 
            on Baryon Acoustic Oscillations

10:15  Rachel Mandelbaum:  Intrinsic Alignments and Cosmic
            Shear: Current Status, Future Prospects

10:45  Coffee (Lobby)

11:15  Juerg Diemand:  Formation and Evolution of CDM
            Halos and Their Substructure

11:45  Juna Kollmeier:  Lyman-Alpha Emission from the
            Intergalactic Medium

12:15  Lunch (Cafeteria)

Session 2 (Chair:  Harry Ferguson)

14:00  Masami Ouchi:  Progress of the Wide-Field Deep
            Surveys for Galaxies at z = 3-9

14:30  Joseph Hennawi:  Shedding (Quasar) Light on High-
            Redshift Galaxies
15:00  Alison Coil:  Galaxy and Quasar Clustering at z = 1

15:30  Tea (Lobby)

16:00  Zheng Zheng:  Modeling the Clustering of Luminous
            Red Galaxies
16:30  Nikhil Padmanabhan:  New Estimators of the Galaxy
            Correlation Function

17:00  Adjourn

Tuesday, April 3

08:30  Coffee and Pastry (Lobby)

Session 3 (Chair:  Linda Smith)

09:00  Jenny Greene:  A Test of the Black Hole/Bulge 
            Paradigm: Galaxies with Intermediate-Mass 
            Black Holes

09:30  Christy Tremonti:  Post-Starburst Galaxies and 
            Fossil Galactic Winds: New Constraints on
            Feedback and the Starburst-AGN Connection

10:00  Aristotle Socrates:  The Eddington Limit in Cosmic 
            Rays: An Explanation for the Observed Faintness 
            of Starbursting Galaxies  

10:30  Coffee (Lobby)

11:00  Janice Lee:  Constraints on the Prevalence of 
            Starbursts in Dwarf Galaxies

11:30  Jason Kalirai:  Globular Clusters: From the Nearest 
            to the Most Distant

12:00  Group Photo

12:15  Lunch (Cafeteria)

Session 4 (Chair:  Kailash Sahu)

14:00  Rachel Osten:  Transition Region Heating and 
            Structure in M Dwarfs

14:30  Jeong-Eun Lee:  Oxygen Isotope Anomalies of the 
            Sun and the Original Environment of the Solar 

15:00  Anjum Mukadam:  The High-Speed Time-Series CCD
            Photometer "Agile"

15:30  Tea (Lobby)

16:00  Niccolo Bucciantini:  Relativistic Outflows from 
            Compact Rotators: Pulsar Winds, Pulsar-Wind 
            Nebulae, and GRB?s
16:30  Seth Redfield:  The Dynamical Structure of the Local
            Interstellar Medium

17:00  Q&A Session

17:30  Adjourn

Wednesday, April 4

08:30  Coffee and Pastry (Lobby)

Session 5 (Chair:  Ron Allen)

09:00  Mark Krumholz:  From Massive Cores to Massive Stars 

09:30  Klaus Pontoppidan:  Molecular Gas in the Terrestrial 
            Zones of Planet-Forming Disks 

10:00  Eric Ford:  Extrasolar Planets: Testing Models of 
            Planet Formation        

10:30  Coffee (Lobby)

11:00  Gaspar Bakos:  Exoplanet Search with the HAT Network

11:30  Scott Sheppard:  Observations of Dwarf Planets

12:00  Adjourn