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2011 Hubble Fellows Symposium Schedule

Tuesday, 8 March 2011
8:30 AM Continental Breakfast
9:00 AMTom Soifer  Welcome and Logistics
AGN and Supermassive Black Holes
9:10 AM Brandon Kelly   Probing Accretion Physics with X-ray Variability of AGN and New Methods of Estimating Black Hole Mass
9:30 AM Debora Sijacki   Gravitational Recoils of Super-massive Black Holes in Massive Gas-rich Galaxies
9:50 AM Lisa Winter   Searching for Clues to the Black Hole-Galaxy Relationship Through Nearby AGN Surveys
Galaxy Structure and Formation
10:10 AM Louis Strigari   The Dark Matter at the End of the Milky Way
10:30 AM Coffee Break
11:00 AM Kevin Bundy   Building Massive Galaxies: Hierarchical Assembly and the Structure of Brightest Group Galaxies.
11:20 AM Julio Chaname   Constraining Intermediate-Mass Black Holes in Star Clusters with Hubble
11:40 AM Selma de Mink   The Mysterious Multiple Populations in Globular Clusters: The Role of Stellar Rotation and Massive Binaries
12:00 PM Kristian Finlator   Understanding Galaxy Growth Using Fundamental Relations
12:20 PM Lunch
1:50 PM Dusan Keres   Detectability of Gas Infall into Galaxies
2:10 PM Evan Kirby   Chemical Evolution of Milky Way Satellites and High-Resolution Follow-Up
2:30 PM Matthew Walker   Wide Binary Stars in Dwarf Galaxies: Prospects for a New Test of Lambda-CDM Cosmology
Distant Universe I
2:50 PM Ryan Keisler   Testing Early Universe Physics with the CMB
3:10 PM David Law   Rest-Frame Optical Imaging of z ~ 2-3 Star-Forming Galaxies with HST/WFC3
3:30 PM Coffee Break
4:00 PM Pascal Oesch   Hunting for the First Generations of Galaxies with HST
4:20 PM Ryan Quadri   The Evolution of the Star Formation-Density Relation
4:40 PM Naveen Reddy   Systematics in the UV Dust Attenuation Curve at High Redshift
5:00 PM Beth Reid   Modeling Redshift Space Distortions in the Quasi-Linear Regime
5:20 PM  Adjourn for the day
Wednesday, 9 March 2011
8:30 AM Continental Breakfast
9:00 AM   Logistics
Distant Universe II
9:10 AM Brant Robertson   Did Star-Forming Galaxies Reionize the Universe?
9:30 AM John Wise   From the First Stars to Galaxy Formation
9:50 AM Andrei Mesinger   Studying the First Galaxies with the Cosmological 21cm Line
10:10 AM Caitlin Casey   Working towards Completeness in Extreme Starburst Galaxies at z>1
10:30 AM Coffee Break
11:00 AM Michael Cooper   Understanding the Global Course of Galaxy Evolution at z < 1
11:20 AM S. Mark Ammons   New Insights Into the Use of Cosmic Telescopes
Results from Surveys
11:40 AM Suvi Gezari   The Variable Ultraviolet Universe
12:00 PM Mario Juric   Milky Way Asymmetries and Substructure in SDSS III
12:20 PM Lunch
1:50 PM Shelley Wright   NOMADS : Physical Origins of Line-Emitting Gas in High-Redshift (1 < z < 3) Galaxies
Star Formation and Young Stars
2:10 PM Lucas Cieza   The Nature of Transition Disks in Nearby Star-forming Regions
2:30 PM Melissa Enoch   A Candidate Detection of the First Hydrostatic Core
2:50 PM Elise Furlan   The Last Remnants of Primordial Disk Material
3:10 PM Karin Oberg   Resolving the Chemistry in Protoplanetary Disks
3:30 PM Coffee Break
4:00 PM Thomas Robitaille   Modeling star formation throughout the Milky-Way
Stars and Stellar Remnants I
4:20 PM Jose Prieto   The Isolated, the Energetic, and the Unseen: A Tale of Bright Supernovae
4:40 PM Mukremin Kilic   Stars that Go Boom
5:00 PM Maryam Modjaz   Stellar Forensics with Explosions: Supernovae, Gamma-Ray Bursts, and their Environments
5:20 PM Adjourn for the day
6:00 PMSymposium banquet
Thursday, 10 March 2011
8:30 AM Continental Breakfast
9:00 AM   Logistics
Stars and Stellar Remnants II
9:10 AM Tabetha Boyajian   Sizing Up the Stars: Fundamental Properties of Stars with Interferometry
9:30 AM Trent Dupuy   Fundamental Tests of Theory with Ultracool Binaries
9:50 AM Josh Carter   Stellar and Planetary Characterization with Kepler
10:10 AM Kevin Covey   Identifying and Characterizing the Lowest-mass Exoplanet Hosts with Near-infrared Spectroscopy
10:30 AM Coffee Break
11:00 AM Daniel Fabrycky   Planetary Systems from Kepler
11:20 AM Adam Kraus   A Young Exoplanet Caught at Formation
Solar System
11:40 AM Henry Hsieh   Main-Belt Comets: Ice in the Inner Solar System
12:00 PM Hilke Schlichting   Runaway Growth During Planet Formation
12:20 PM  Adjourn