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2010 Hubble Fellows Symposium Schedule

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08:30  Coffee & Pastries (Rear Lobby)

Session 1 (Chair: Mike Fall)

09:00 Matt Mountain Welcome

09:15 Jon Morse -The NASA Astrophysics Program

09:50 Eric Smith -Cosmic Origins Missions

10:25 Coffee Break (Rear Lobby)

10:55 Riccardo Giacconi -Founding of the Hubble Fellowship Program

11:30 Christopher McKee -Significance of the Hubble Fellowship Program

12:05 Conference Photo

12:20 Lunch (Café)

Session 2 (Chair: TBD)

13:30 Judd Bowman -The Dawn of 21 cm Cosmology with EDGES

13:55 Kristian Finlator -Cosmological Simulations of Galaxies in the Reionization Epoch

14:20 Asaf Pe'er -A New Model for Emission From Microquasar Jets

14:45 Ivo Labbe -Galaxy Formation During the Epoch of Reionization

15:10 Tea Break (Rear Lobby)

15:40 Sangeeta Malhotra -Probing Reionization with Lyman-Alpha Galaxies.

16:05 Daniel Marrone -The Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect in Detail

16:30 Andrei Mesinger -Was Reionization Complete by z ~ 5-6?

16:55 Jonathan Pritchard -Constraining the Global Reionization History

17:20 Adjourn

TUESDAY, MARCH 9 08:30 Coffee & Pastries (Rear Lobby) Session 3 (Chair: Arjun Dey) 09:00 Raja Guhatakurta -The SPLASH Survey and Progressive Stages of Galaxy Formation 09:25 Mark Ammons -From WFC3/IR: The Quenching Effect of AGN Feedback on Massive Host Galaxies at z ~ 1 09:50 Misty Bentz -Detailed Studies of the Spatially-Unresolved Broad-Line Region in AGNs 10:15 Elena Gallo -Black Hole Accretion in the Nearby Universe: Evidence for Down-Sizing 10:40 Coffee Break (Rear Lobby) 11:10 Suvi Gezari -First Results from the GALEX Time Domain Survey 11:35 Joseph Shields -The Inner Structure of Seyfert Galaxies 12:00 Lisa Winter -A Multi-Wavelength Study of Outflows in Local, Hard X-ray Selected Seyfert 1 Galaxies 12:25 Lunch (Café; Current Hubble Fellows to meet with STScI Grants Managers in Café Conference Room.) Session 4 (Chair: Stefi Baum) 13:30 Marcella Carollo -Galaxy Evolution Through Space and Time 13:55 Richard Cool -Intermediate-Redshift Galaxy Evolution with PRIMUS and AGES 14:20 Eva Grebel -Our Changing Neighborhood: the Evolving View of the Local Group 14:45 Mario Juric -Mapping Galactic Structure with Large Photometric Surveys 15:10 Tea Break (Rear Lobby) 15:40 Evan Kirby -The Elemental Abundance Distributions of Milky Way Satellite Galaxies 16:05 David Law -Evidence for a Triaxial Galactic Dark Matter Halo from the Sagittarius Stellar Tidal Stream 16:30 Adam Leroy -Turning Gas Into Stars in Nearby Galaxies 16:55 Naveen Reddy -Dust Obscuration and Metallicity at High Redshift: New Inferences From UV, H-alpha, and 8 Micron Observations of z~2 Galaxies 17:20 Adjourn
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 10 08:30 Coffee & Pastries (Rear Lobby) Session 5 (Chair: Keivan Stassun) 09:00 Brandon Kelly -Constraints on Black Hole Growth, Quasar Lifetimes, and Eddington Ratios from the SDSS Quasar Black Hole Mass Function 09:25 Dominik Riechers -The Physical Conditions for Star Formation in the High-Redshift Tail of Submillimeter-Luminous Starburst Galaxies 09:50 Brant Robertson -Estimating Luminosity Function Constraints From High-Redshift Galaxy Surveys 10:15 Louis Strigari -Milky Way Satellites and Lambda-Cold Dark Matter 10:40 Coffee Break (Rear Lobby) 11:10 Josh Younger -The Submillimeter View of Galaxy Formation 11:35 Tabetha Boyajian -Dynamite Diameters: Observations of Main-Sequence Stars with Long Baseline Optical/Infrared Interferometry 12:00 Julio Chaname -Wide Binaries: Opportunities at the Non-Violent End of the Semi-Major Axis Distribution 12:25 Lunch (Café) Session 6 (Chair: Margaret Hanson) 13:30 Kevin Covey -A Universal Stellar Initial Mass Function? 13:55 Avishay Gal-Yam -New Ways to Explode Stars 14:20 David Kaplan -Magnetic Field-Decay-Induced Electron Captures: A Strong Heat Source in Magnetar Crusts 14:45 Young-Wook Lee -The Origin of Globular Clusters With Multiple Populations 15:10 Tea Break (Rear Lobby) 15:40 Kevin Bundy -The Rise and Fall of Passive Disk Galaxies 16:05 Karin Oberg -Origins of Chemical Complexity 16:30 Jose Prieto -An All-Sky Automated Survey for the Brightest Supernovae 16:55 Jay Strader -Mass Loss From Red Giants 17:20 Adjourn 17:30 STScI shuttles to the Inn at the Colonnade and transport to restaurant. 18:00 Bus and trolley leaves STScI to restaurant. 18:30 Reception at Rusty Scupper Restaurant. 19:15 Dinner at Rusty Scupper Restaurant.
THURSDAY, MARCH 11 08:30 Coffee & Pastries (Rear Lobby) Session 7 (Chair: Ron Allen) 09:00 Rebecca Martin -Supernova Kicks and Misaligned Be Star Binaries 09:25 Michael Gladders -The SDSS Visual Arc Sample 09:50 Sean Andrews -Planet-Forming Disks Around Young Stars 10:15 Pawel Artymowicz -Disk-Satellite Interaction, Then and Now 10:40 Coffee Break (Rear Lobby) 11:10 Beth Biller -The Gemini NICI Planet-Finding Campaign: Deep Imaging of Stars in the Solar Neighborhood 11:35 Adam Kraus -The Role of Multiplicity in Disk Evolution and Planet Formation 12:00 Mercedes Lopez-Morales -Ground-Based Exoplanet Atmospheres Characterization: Progress Since the 2009 Breakthrough 12:25 Emily Schaller -Clouds in the Tropics of Titan 12:50 Adjourn