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Quantifying Galaxy Morphology at High Redshift

Space Telescope Science Institute, April 27-29 1994

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  1. An Automated classification system for faint galaxies.
    - Roberto Abraham
  2. Automated morphological classification of galaxies with the APS.
    - Greg Aldering
  3. Faint galaxies in WFPC2 Medium-Deep Survey images: how faint can morphological classification go?
    - Stephano Casertano
  4. IR morphology of z > 1 3C radio galaxies.
    - Peter Eisenhardt
  5. The contribution of low surface-brightness galaxies to faint galaxy counts.
    - Henry Ferguson
  6. Compact galaxies in the direction of the Virgo Cluster.
    - Eduardo Hardy
  7. Tidal triggering of star formation of the Butcher-Oemler effect.
    - Mark Henriksen
  8. Test of galaxy evolutionary models via angular sizes of galaxies.
    - Myungshin Im
  9. Morphological fits and redshift constraints for faint galaxies using WF/PC data.
    - William Keel
  10. The morphology of a damped Ly-Alpha absorber at z = 2.81
    - Palle Möller &S. J. Warren
  11. Automated morphological classification of galaxies with the APS.
    - Stephen Odewahn
  12. What determines the morphological fractions in clusters?
    - Brad Whitmore
  13. The Theta - z relation for galactic bulges and disks out to z = 0.6
    - Rogier Windhorst
  14. Quantitative measurements of galaxy sizes of radio-ellipticals.
    - Esther Zirbel