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Quantifying Galaxy Morphology at High Redshift

Space Telescope Science Institute, April 27-29 1994

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Invited Talks


  1. The role of morphology in studies of distant galaxies.
    - Richard Ellis
  2. Photometry and morphology at low redshift.
    - Piet van der Kruit
  3. Early results on distant galaxy morphology from HST.
    - Alan Dressler

Quantitative Morphology at Low Redshift

  1. Physical parameters and revised Hubble type.
    - Gerard de Vaucouleurs
  2. Morphological classification of galaxies by artificial neural networks.
    - Ofer Lahav
  3. Quantifying grand design and flocculent morphology.
    - Debra Elmegreen
  4. What, if anything, is a Hubble type? - Galaxy morphology in the digital age.
    - Barry Madore
  5. Low surface-brightness galaxies.
    - Stacy McGaugh

Robust Techniques for Measuring Morphology at High Redshift

  1. Morphology and redshift from broadband photometry.
    - Andy Connolly
  2. Galaxy morphology from the HST Medium Deep Survey.
    - Richard Griffiths
  3. Galaxy morphology at high redshift.
    - David Schade
  4. Strategies for photometry in distant clusters.
    - Greg Wirth

Field Galaxy Evolution - Expectations And Quantitative Tests

  1. Age and structure of distant radio galaxies
    - Brigitte Rocca-Volmerange
  2. Faint blue galaxies as starbursting dwarfs
    - Arif Babul
  3. Faint redshift surveys: implications for galaxy evolution (and morphology).
    - Simon Lilly
  4. Cosmological and evolutionary effects at intermediate redshift.
  5. - Matthew Bershady
  6. The morphology of field galaxies at z~0.3
    - Matthew Colless
  7. Morphology and models of faint galaxy counts.
    - David Koo
  8. Morphology of faint blue galaxies: qualitative classification.
    - Edmund Giraud
  9. A new class of ultraluminous galaxies at high redshift?
    - Joseph Silk

Cluster Galaxy Evolution - Expectations And Quantitative Tests

  1. Colors of high-z cluster galaxies - quantitative predictions from simulations
    - August Evrard
  2. Theoretical predictions of cluster galaxy evolution in a hierarchical universe
    - Guinevere Kauffmann
  3. Color evolution from z=0 to 1
    - James Schombert
  4. The evolution of galaxies in poor clusters.
    - Esther Zirbel
  5. The star-forming galaxies in distant clusters.
    - Russell Lavery

Ultra-high redshift galaxies
(Including Radio galaxies, QSO hosts, etc)

  1. The number counts of galaxy-galaxy lenses.
    - Tom Broadhurst
  2. Clusters at z > 1
    - Mark Dickinson
  3. Properties of ultra-high redshift radio galaxies.
    - Rob van Ojik
  4. Closing remarks
    - Marc Postman